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Why Eden for Those with Cognitive Challenges?

More than 10 million children and young adults in the United States have cognitive disabilities that require life-long planning and support. That number increases dramatically if you include aging elders.

Lifelong support differs from other healthcare in that the goal is not to cure or “fix” the disability, but rather to provide an environment where the person can maintain optimal functioning and experience well-being.

Less than 10% of people who require care are living in a nursing home. The others are either provided care at home with limited support to extensive support including supervised housing.

The stress of care giving for people with cognitive disabilities has been shown to impact a person’s immune system for up to three years after their care giving ends thus increasing their chances of developing a chronic illness themselves.

Eden is a proven philosophy that has effectively improved the quality of life for Elders and their carepartners. That philosophy and its benefits extend to people of all ages, living and working in all environments. Eden is a way of life not a program for Elders.

Even a home or other supportive housing can become like an institution when a person requires care.

Everyone deserves an opportunity to experience well-being and a life worth living.

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