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Our Mission

Our Mission

To provide innovative education, training, and research initiatives that improve quality of life for individuals with cognitive disabilities and those that support them. 

Long-Term Living:
Long-term Living is the belief that people can experience continued growth when provided with appropriate supports and opportunities that promote purpose, meaningful relationships, and being part of a community.
Individuals with cognitive disabilities often need life-long care. The Seaton Foundation believes that an individual's social and emotional needs are as important as their medical needs. By focusing on social and emotional needs, we can transform long-term care into Long-term Living. 

Cognitive Disabilities Encompass: 

  • Traumatic Brain Injury 

  • Mental Illness 

  • Intellectual development disabilities 

  • Aging related cognitive disabilities such as Alzheimer's and dementia 

  • To coordinate, collaborate, and disseminate humanistic and holistic approaches that improve quality of life. 
  • To provide students at Texas State University with the opportunity for hands-on training through internships and service learning that lead to employment opportunities in the field.  
  • To provide grants that support research projects on humanistic and holistic approaches in Long-Term Living that contribute toward greater well-being and quality of life. 
  • To disseminate information through published research articles, presentation, classroom education, and educational symposiums. 
Click here to learn more about internship and research opportunities. 
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