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"All people deserve to live rich full lives."

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Rachel Medina, Director

"Lasting change in long-term care will only persist if we teach the next generation the importance of providing individuals with disabilities choice, autonomy, and community."

David Seaton



David has worked with adults with cognitive disabilities for the past 40 years. He founded the Seaton Foundation in 1984 to improve long-term care through education, training, and research efforts. Through the Seaton Foundation, David started the Texas Culture Change Coalition, a national movement to transform and improve long-term care and services for elders and individuals with cognitive disabilities. He also created Eden LifeLong Living, a training program that taught direct care providers and organizations how to use person-centered principles to improve the quality of life for individuals living in residential care settings. Over the years, the Seaton Foundation has hosted numerous symposiums and conferences promoting humanistic and holistic principles and approaches for individuals with cognitive disabilities. Most recently, David established the Seaton Foundation Internship Program at Texas State University to offer students hands on training experiences working in long-term care settings that can lead towards jobs and careers in long-term living. The Seaton Foundation is committed to training the next generation of quality leaders in long-term living.


David is also the Founder and CEO of LiveOak Living Community in Martindale, Texas. LiveOak was started in 2002 with the vision of creating a supportive lifelong living community for adults with long-term cognitive disabilities. LiveOak has grown to encompass several programs in San Marcos and Martindale, Texas. Each program is dedicated to providing residents with the opportunities and options to fully participate in their own lives. 


David was the 2020 recipient of the Robert D. Voogt Founders Award by the North American Brain Injury Society. This award is given to an individual that demonstrates dedication to the advancement of the traumatic brain injury field and contributions made in the areas of clinical care, research, policy, litigation, or advocacy. He was also recently chosen by Craig Hospital in Denver, CO as the recipient of the prestigious John S. Young MD Lectureship Speaker, and the American Alliance for Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities - Knowledge Award for Excellence in Education & Research. David has presented extensively across North America on long-term quality of life issues and served on numerous non-profit disability boards.

Rachel Medina 

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Rachel Medina started her career in long-term care in 2013. She holds a B.A. in Psychology and a Master’s in Psychological Research from Texas State University. After graduation, Rachel chose to focus her career on improving the quality of life of individuals affected by brain injury, mental illness, and other cognitive disabilities. She is the Director of the Seaton Foundation where she focuses on education, training, and research in Long-term care. As Director, Rachel has overseen several conferences and symposiums held by the Seaton Foundation. She also oversees the Seaton Foundation Internship program and serves as a spokesman at both state and national conferences promoting best practices in long-term care. 

In addition to her role with the Seaton Foundation, Rachel is Director of Development for LiveOak Living Community. Her focus at LiveOak includes marketing, community outreach, and case management. Rachel also serves as Secretary on the Board of the American Association for Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities-Texas Chapter. Rachel was also honored by receiving the President’s Award for the National Alliance of Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Texas Chapter in 2017.

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