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Domains of Well-Being

By: David Seaton

Identity – Having one's own identity, history, and sense of self and acceptance are essential to well-being. As such, the ability to make choices is fundamental to achieve one’s true identity.


Growth - Regardless of a person's physical or mental status, every individual remains capable of further development and learning within a supportive opportunity that provides support.


Security - A sense of security (freedom from anxiety, or fear) is a basic need that must be met before we can grow toward self-actualization. This basic need includes privacy, dignity, and respect.

Autonomy - To be one's own person and to make one's own decisions, to best of their ability, is integral to well-being. Empowerment to decide and make one’s own choices, while weighing the risks & rewards is critical.

Connectedness - All living beings require connections to others, to place, and to nature, as well as to past, present and future events, in order to thrive. The circle of friends must include a variety of people well beyond paid caregivers.

Meaning - The search for meaning in life is primary. Everyone needs a sense of value and purpose, and the chance to pursue that which is personally important. These activities and events are as unique as the person and should be valued and respected.

Joy - Joy is a condition of the spirit that fills the soul. Its simple pleasures that create satisfaction and happiness. They are unique events that one cherishes and looks forward to that enrich life and sorely lessen life when missing.

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