Seaton Institute for Cognitive Disabilities

The Seaton Institute for Cognitive Disabilities was created to serve as the catalyst for a Public-Private Collaboration with Texas State University, its students and faculty, and private sector long-term care providers.


The Seaton Institute works closely with Texas State University to provide education about various cognitive disabilities through conferences. Click below to learn more about our next event. 


The Seaton Institute provides several internship and volunteer opportunities for students interested in learning more about cognitive disabilities. Click below to learn more about established internship programs and projects.


The Seaton Institute provides grant opportunities to researchers studying ways to improve the lives of individuals with cognitive disabilities. Click below to learn more.

Our Objective

The Institute for Cognitive disabilities was designed as a vehicle that develops, coordinates, and desseminates innovative ideas and approaches that improve the lives of the approximately 30 million people in the U.S. with a cognitive disability. Cognitive Disabilities may include physical, mental, or emotional condition which may cause a person to have serious difficulty in thinking, memory, planning, problem solving, judgement, social skills and/ or interpreting social skills. 

Committed to Texas

The Seaton Foundation is committed to making a positive impact on the current state of long-term care in Texas. We strive to educate and train Texas citizens in how to create a vibrant community within  long-term care settings. 

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