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Home or Institution?

A home can be like an institution if:

1. Caregivers and care receiver are not empowered.

2. Spontaneity and variety are absent from daily life.

3. Diversity and access to companionship, both human and animal, are limited.

4. There are no opportunities to give as well as receive.

5. The focus of the care revolves solely around the physical body.

6. Teamwork isn’t utilized by care partners to meet challenges.

7. The emphasis is placed on the idea of treatment and task doing, rather than care-giving

8. All decision-making authority over one’s daily life is removed.

In contrast, a home can be a place where:

1. Each individual is well-known, and support is individualized.

2. The focus is on growth and ability, not decline and disability.

3. There is a social and biological diversity-many species and ages living and working together.

4. Intergenerational interactions are a regular part of a daily life.

5. Those living in the community are able to experience well-being.

6. Care partners are empowered and working together.

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